Cross Training Shoes

You jog, cycle and take aerobic classes at the gym, wearing a different pair of fitness shoes for each activity. One pair of cross training shoes, however, may be what you need to simplify your life, rid your closet of clutter and save money.

Walking Shoes Vs. Cross-Training Shoes

Shoes are essential to your everyday activities. Having the right shoes can make all the difference in how your feet, legs and back feel when you're working out. Walking and cross-training shoes are designed differently, so it's important.

Wide Width Walking Shoes

San Antonio Shoes, commonly called SAS, offers several different types of footwear for women and men. Individuals in need of wide-width walking shoes can find a few options online and in retail stores. SAS offers wide sizes for most models.


How to Find the Right Running Shoe

You wouldn’t catch Tim Lincecum on the mound in bulky basketball shoes. Nor would you expect to see Reggie Bush cutting through defenses in golf cleats. Yet every weekend, thousands of runners go out and hit the pavement.

How to Choose the Perfect Running Shoe

At its core, running is a simple sport you just lace up your shoes and take off. But with more shoe brands and styles available than ever before, paired with the latest news about the link between shoes, comfort and injury prevention.

Basketball & Cross Trainer Shoes

Walk into a shoe store, and you are faced with rows and rows of athletic shoes with different designs, constructions and features. Trying to choose the right type of athletic shoe can be challenging, especially since these shoes can be costly. For example, basketball and cross trainer shoes have numerous similarities but are designed for different applications. These shoes differ in terms of the overall versatility of the shoe, the support and stability, the cushioning.